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Date: February 19th 1919
Mother and Father
Walter Liddiard

Wimereux France

Feb. 1919

Dear Mother & Dad.-

Have made another short move and am at no 8. [?] Hosp. now, about ¼ miles from the other hospital. This time we are in huts, 30 beds to the hut. They are nice clean comfortable huts and though not as classy as the "Casino" they are more comfortable, and another big thing is, they feed us better, it was fierce at the other place, not enough for a baby to eat, and I had very little money to buy food at the canteens. I haven't received any pay since Dec 17th and we don't get paid while in hospital, so the outlook is very black. It's no use sending any though as it would take two months to get here and I hope to recover from my financial difficulties before then.

They are certainly handing Heimie some pretty stiff terms and quite right too he aught to pay for the trouble he had caused.

The German people think a lot of Hindenburg, he is a little tin god to them, the Kaiser is pretty popular too, but they hate Ludendorff he was a regular tyrant to them.

The majority of the people say their army wasn't beaten, it was the shortage of food than made them quit. It is almost a pity we didn't keep on for another month then they would have found out for certain that their army was beaten, still it would have meant a lot more casualties for is so I guess it is just as well so long as we have a lasting peace.

Just heard some great news, one of the boys in the cook-house told us we have eggs for tea pretty often, best news I've heard for a long time. I think it's going to be a bit of abright here.

I am pretty near cured now but if it's going to be so good here I don't mind sticking around for awhile, I believe we go to Blighty from here. I sure am lucky.

The weather is milder, no frost or snow, it's kind of a raw cold though. It feels fine to be by the sea again I feel much better since coming here, Belgium, Germany and France didn't agree with me I felt pretty rotten all the time.

Hope you are both keeping well

Your loving son


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