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Date: August 14th 1918
Mother and Father
Walter Liddiard

Aug 14th 1918

Dear Mother & Dad.-

Received another letter from you 2 days ago, dated July 21st also received one of July 16 & 8th Within a week so they are coming pretty fast. Glad to hear you are getting all of mine, I have been lucky this week having received 8 letters and this is only Wednesday.

Gee, the War news is good these days they are handing it to Fritz right and left and I guess there is more coming. It looks as if the war won't last so very much longer the sooner it is over and [?] all get back the better it will be for everybody. I SEE BY THE PAPER THAT Canada is going to send some troops to Siberia, caused quite a lot of excitement around camp. I wonder if they will send us there, I doubt it though, still I wouldn't mind, it would be pretty cold I guess, although some parts are [?]. I believe Russia will come back and help us out a lot before long. I think Fritz's goose is cooked and he knows it too.

Canadians as usual are going great work, they usually give a good account of themselves.

Haven't received the parcel yet but guess will soon come along, the socks will come in handy I hope I will get the sweater Ruth made for me its possible they will send it too me from the Red & [?].

I received a letter from Mrs Morrison (nee Emily [?]) she is up at Alice Arm [?] and seems to like it there. I hear her husband has got his discharge from the army; he has a contract to get out [?] for the Govt. so the released him. His [?] is in this hut with me, me of the boys that left from Victoria. Nothing much to write about this week as I have hardly been out of camp. It has been awful hot all week and I have been working for a chance so am all burnt [?]. I take a cold shower every night and feel fine after it.

I am on guard to night for 3 hrs and will have to go at 9 P.M. so can't write very much.

I like this life fine and feel fine so am happy and contented. Still I would rather be home, won't I appreciate it when I do get back. Oh, my!

Glad you are both well and hope you will continue [?]. More Sunday, Your loving Son

Walter H.

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