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Date: August 8th 1918
Mother and Father
Walter Liddiard

No. 27

Witley Camp

Aug 8th 1918

Dear Folk.-

Received your letter of July 7th yesterday with the picture taken pm July 1st. Was very glad to hear that you had been out a little bit. I was sure glad to get that picture, you don't know how welcome it was. I think you are both looking fine that's a great consolation, you are getting to be a heavyweight by the looks of it ma. I must write to Meg and thank her for taking it.

Sorry to hear the [?] is not quite up to the mark Timmy always was a big bluffer though.

So Mrs Cheeseman and Bill condescended to come around eh? Well I guess you can get along without them. Mrs C is a pretty poor comforter.. I heard from one of the boys that used to work at [?] & [?] that Maggie Cullen was married, but I guess he was slightly premature. I will be pleased to hear from them when they get settled. I would have written to them but wasn't sure if they were in Calif. or not.

Received two letters to-day, one from Phoebe, she writes pretty often, good interesting letters, too, she's a great girl and full of fun. The other letter was from a girl friend of mine at Lake Hill, she tells me they have had a big strike on the B.C Electric at Victoria & Vancouver I hear also that the Postal Clerks have been on strike and got an increase, that's the stuff to [?] em. Went to a lecture, at the Y.M.C.A last night, by a Prisoner of War who was in Germany for 18 months the first part of the War. It was certainly interesting, his experiences these were fierce just as bad or rather worse than what you have read in the papers . Talk of Christian people, why they would make savages [?]. He says Germany is in a very bad position for food, the poorer people are almost starving. It is quite true about the food riots, he saw one himself in which the people were shot down by the soldiers.

(Aug 11th. (I started this letter on Wednesday but didn't have a chance to finish it so well have to make it extra lone). I was writing this in the hut but Tom was making so much noise arguing about the war with someone else that I had to clear out. I went down to the YMCA and heard a Rev Francis light shoes I can wear two pair in my Kitchener boots besides an inner sole. I told you about those books I think, number 10's and mighty heavy but they are comfortable and [?] good shoes for bad weather. I'll need two pairs of socks in [?] during the winter.

Still [?] the old [?] along, Dad? I have done quite a lot of that [?] myself. Guess I won't be able to stop and talk to you this summer on my way to the Gorge Better luck next year The War news is getting good these days first heard they have gone ahead another 4 miles.

Tom and I are going to [?] to get some laundry done so will have to close.

Haven't got the parcel yet but there is a big mail today so hope to get it tomorrow. Don't send news papers, they can't bother to sort them, they throw them out [?]

Doug sends his [?] regards.

Your Caring Son


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