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Date: August 4th 1918
Mother and Father
Walter Liddiard

No 26

Witty Camp

Aug 4th 1918

Dear Folks.-

Well here is another anniversary of the War, the fourth and I hope the last of the fighting. We had a big service this morning out on the parade ground, it was a great sight, they had the whole camp out. I can't tell you the number present. that's not allowed, but it was some crowd. We had a very good service and after that a march past the 0.6 for inspection to the tune of "Men of Harlech," played by the brass band, it sure was impressive, never saw anything like it in Victoria I am enclosing a programme, the hymns are very appropriate I think.

I have been lying around all the afternoon reading and sleeping, nobody seems to have much energy the last week, I guess it's the weather, it has been rather heavy the last few days.

Last night Tom and I and another fellow walked to Godalming and back. Nothing much to do there but walk around, we went to the Kitchener Club and watched them dance awhile, but didn't do any our-selves.

The War news is looking good these days, looks as if the tide had turned at last. We'll get them.

I have been having it pretty easy this week, the coming week I will be on musketry and will have to March to Aldershot, about 14 miles for 3 days practice. I had my musketry before, but they lost track of it, so I'll have to go all over it again. I like it, sp don't mind.

I have been to three extra good concerts the last week, they have had some fine singers down from London, All these concerts are free, not even a collection.

Last Sunday night I went to a moving picture show in Tintown, the first I've seen since I left Victoria, the pictures were very good but the machine didn't work very well.

Phoebe made me a cake and sent it to me last Tuesday pretty good of her, eh? Say, ma, that cake of yours was a peach, it came out like a solid brick as usual. I gave 3 or 4 fellows a piece each and they all pronounced it A 1. I had samples from several of the other boys tins. Three of us had a feed in the hut one evening, or crackers and cream cheese a tin of [?] your cake, chocolates, and [?] made from [?] powder. Who says we don't [?] high?

I haven't had any letters from Victoria for quite a time now must be about two weeks, except one from Gladys Watson, which has been 5 weeks coming. There hasn't been much Canadian mail lately. I guess I told you I had a letter from Tom the other day, he is sure doing fine.

How's the Gramophone these days are you playing it at all, bet a dollar you ain't. It will have to wait till I come home I guess. I heard the "Barcarolle" from, "The Love Tales of Hoffmans that we have [?] the funny [?] at the Y the other night, a duet with violin and piano accompaniment, it was fine.

Jack Jameson will be in bed for 5 or 6 weeks more, in London, he cracked his knee cap, I suppose it will be quite a time before he can get about [?], he is sure unlucky.

Our in the "pink" and quite happy, this army life isn't at all bad when you get used to it.

I hope you are both keeping well and enjoying yourselves. Mr Ray says in this letter you both are looking fine, I was glad to hear that from an outside source. Must close now, With love


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