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Date: April 13th 1919
Mother and Father
Walter Liddiard

My last letter was written on April 9th. I forgot the number but think it was [?] 85

Estaples, France April 13th 1919

Dear Mother & Dad.-

Sunday is here again so I must write a few lines though I don't know what to write about. I went to see the "Private Secretary" given by the staff of No 7. Can. gen. Hosp. at the ymca on Friday night. Of course they are only amateurs, but they are very good, the show itself is very funny and the main characters acted there [?] in a 1 style, so it was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Yesterday afternoon I saw the "Silver King" moving picture at the "Y." which was good, and in the evening saw a Mary Pickford picture, at the Cinema, which was extra good.

I've just got a new outfit of overcoat, tunic and cap, so am cutting quite a shine at present. I've been trying to get a new overcoat for some time but they wouldn't come through before.

I think I will just in for Paris leave after all as there isn't much chance of getting out of here for a couple of weeks. They all say it's a [?] place and well worth seeing.

My friend Goldie has just got back from Paris and has a great time. While he was away I have been going around with another 5th Division fellow, he wants me to go to Paris with him. He is my physical trainer, he decided I was getting too fat so appointed him self as my trainer, and makes me go for long walks to get rid of some of my [?] fat. I hope we do get to Paris together, it would be a lot better than going by myself. He is a pretty decent guy, he is from Alberta but joined up in Toronto.

This army is a great life. You always have pals to go around with and are always making more and losing them again. Sometimes you run into them and sometimes you don't. The other day a Engineer came in who was at No.8. Hosp. With me at Wimereux.

I had a letter from Tom on Friday with a lot of snap shots, mostly of the baby of course. He is sure a fat, healthy looking little kid. I bet Tom & Ruth think the sun rises and sets on him

Tom says he is still working steady and the prospects for the future are good, so I guess he is alright.

We have had a half a week [?] rather wet weather, but today is simply [?] again I hope you are getting some good weather now.

Was on [?] today, first time for quite awhile, it ain't a bad job, just stand-ing outside the guard-room watching the people, nothing strict or snappy about, we just carry side arms, no rifles.

Well I must go now to hear a lecture at the YMCA. Hope you are both in the very best health, as I am. ever your loving son


P.S. Guess I'll be calling in to see you sometime in June.

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