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Date: April 6th 1919
Mother and Father
Walter Liddiard

P.S. Received a card from Doug, from Scotland It was just two months old. -w

No. 82 Etaples, France

April 6/19.

Dear Mother & Dad.-

Well it is now just over a year since I left home, twelve months ago today I was in Ontario, heading for. I didn't know what now I am on the homeward trail, though I haven't gone very far in that direction yet.

I don't think the year has been altogether wasted, I think I am better off physically, I know I weigh considerably more than when I joined up. I have seen England, Canada, France, Belgium, and Germany, and although it hasn't been exactly first class travelling, I am glad I made it. The knocking with strangers and the new conditions and experiences should benefit me too.

Still, I am easily sat-isfied and am willing to go back home anytime the high muck-a-mucks feel inclined to send me and I don't think that time is far away. The latest rumor is that we will leave here about the 12th of the month and I suppose we will be a month or six weeks in England and then for home just the best part of the year for travelling too. I should be pretty nice crossing the Atlantic and Canada in May or June.

Thank heaven the winter is passed and we can look forward to a little better weather. This month the weather has been great every day has been perfectly clear and quite warm. I hope it keeps up.

I see by the papers that the force at Archangel and the Murman coast is in a dangerous position. Several of the fellows that came from Victoria in out bunch volunteered for the Murman coast force, thinking that the fighting wouldn't be so heavy. I bet they are mighty sorry they did now, it will be some time before they get home and it looks as if they will have some fighting to do after all.

I have given up the idea of going to Paris. I don't want to take any chance on missing a draft to England. it takes about a week to get the pass through and about four days away in all about 10 or 11 days, in that time a draft ought to be called. They say it's no use going there unless you have lots of money, and I don't want to use all my credit there or I'll have none for my Blighty leave.

I hope we do get away from this place soon, I'm am getting fed up with it.

It was alright at first, but I guess I've been here too long.

Hope you are both well and happy Your loving son


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