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Date: September 22nd 1917
Ludlow Weeks

Witley Camp
September 22

Dear Mother:-

Iam not sure whether this is the second or third letter but it is one of the two. I am getting along fine here now. We are still in segregation and expect to be for some time yet. But I dont mind it much.

I wrote you that my address was "A" Battery, 1st Brigade. Since then I have been transferred and I think I am in "D" Baty; 2nd Brigade. However I think I will get mail O.K. that comes to either address. But don't send anything very important until I am certain of my address.

We were on an fourteen mile March today and Iam pretty tired

I will have to part with a lot of extra stuff soon as we give up one kit-bag. What will I do with it. send it to you or try and sell it. I mean my summer underwear. And what will I do with my camera. What about sending it to Capt Landall or will I mail it to you.

I started to keep a diary in a notebook and have a lot of notes and when I get a diary I will write it up to date.

Did I tell you I saw Vic. Crowe. He looked fine. He is about 6 miles from here.

I was talking tonight for quite a while with Ralph Blackmore. He has quite a chat about old times last summer, camping. If Herman comes over I think he may come here. If he does it will be slick, wont it.

It is all settled now that I don't go to France until I am 19. So dont worry about me yet a while. And please don't worry anyway because I am getting along quite fine and I think I am going to like it fine.

I was into Godalming today and Guildford, two towns a little bigger than Halifax. They a quite nice little places. I haven't seen much of the country around here yet but it is very pretty.

Tonight we will have been in the segregation one week and it doesn't seem any less than two years since I was in Canada.

I get a six day pass sometime soon and I am going to Scotland. I expect to have a great time.

Well I will close now write me soon.
Your loving son

1258204 Gnr L.J Weeks
"D" Battery
Can. Reserve Artillery
Witley Camp

P.S Iam not sure about "D" Baty, so don't write anything important to that address.

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