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Date: September 17th 1917
Ludlow Weeks

Witley Camp
Sept.17, 1917

Dear Mother:-

Well I have eventually got here and am in camp. We have been quarantined as new arrivals and have not entered active camp life yet.

I saw a lot of Truro fellows of the Highland Brigade today. Capt Shurman, Bob Elliot and a lot that I don't believe you knew. I will not recite the names. Ralph Blackmore is here but he is on pass now so I haven't seen him yet.

We had a great voyage although I was pretty sick for the first few days. I saw one shark, one whale, and several dolphins on the way over. I was on the ship's bridge signalling quite a bit on the way over.

My but England is a queer country. Little railway trains big enough to put in your pocket compared with those in Canada. And everything is made of brick, even the roofs of houses. No wood at all. I was in London yesterday and believe me it was some big place. We travelled from London to camp on a regular train as private individuals instead of a troop train.

Well I must close for now as it is getting dark. This is my first letter. Please sent me your address.


#1258204 Gunner L.J.Weeks
"A" Battery
1st Brigade
Can. Reserve Artillery
Mildford Camp
Surrey England

P.S Iam sorry I couldn't cable but it was impossible. LW

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