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Date: September 15th 1918
Ludlow Weeks

Witley Camp
Sept 15, 1918.

Dear Mother:-

Have had no letter from you this week but expect one or two soon. I usually get your mail on Sunday, & that is today, so it will probably be along in a day or so.

Yesterday I went over to Baurley Camp, Aldershot, and saw Herman. He is looking fine. It is 16 months since the last time I saw him and you can imagine us talking about old times when we were "civvies."

I wrote Mame tonight, though it was decidedly short letter since I couldn't think of anything appropriate to say under the circumstances, not having had much experience in letter writing of that kind.

I'm trying to catch up some back correspondence. Hence I've written four letters tonight, a large amount for me. So far I have written to Don. Wilson, Mrs.Mahon, Mamie & Dorothy. I still owe eight letters, so you can see where I can count on occupied evenings for nearly a week. I've got a box to send you of various articles when I raise the necessary to pay postage. Box contains 3 little Welsh vases which I got in Wales, a testament written in Welsh, some souvenirs of Jerusalem which an Imperial soldier gave me, a Guidebook to the Trossacks, and any other article that I can cram in, including a gilt 10th Siege Cap Badge which I've been intending to you ever since last November. I hope to have the necessary cash by Wednesday September 25, said date being date of next day. (Postage is one shilling, so you can deduce my finances)

I expect to go to France sometime but don't see any signs of movement at present. If I'm attached to a battery in this country it will be some months before taking the trip. I'm 19 years and 2 days old now so am quite eligible for France but I guess I'll have to have another course before going.

I hope Herman and I can have a leave together before we part. That would be great.

Will close now owing to great business pressure. (several letters more to write).


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