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Date: September 8th 1918
Ludlow Weeks

Witley Camp Sept 8 1918

Dear Mother:-

Received your letters today of August 24. The first for quite a while. I had one from Sis at the same time.

I'm afraid I don't get your idea about the $5 & Mame. You said you were enclosing some cards & you didn't and I don't quite know what you are expecting me to do.

I was with Ges Puns last night and went to the theatre with him. The play was staged in a trappers cabin in the Yukon and it reminded me of camping days back home

Have you any plans as to what you are going to when the war is over. Are we going back to Truro?

I was going to Aldershot to see Herman yesterday but I was warned for guard today and I had to stay in during the afternoon and scrub and "blanco" my equipment. I am on guard now. It is the Brigade Guard and is a very snappy guard, believe me.

I may get another leave in October. But I'm not sure. I've got to go to the School for more training before I can go across so I don't know when I'll be going now. I can wear 2 chevrons on my tunic now for overseas service. I have two tunics and [part of sentence missing] and have all my badges on it. It looks alright.

I wish I had got on the Siberian Expedition but Iam not a Field signaller and they didn't take any Siege Signallers.

If I had I would probably have had a little time home enroute.

Well I must close now


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