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Date: October 28th 1917
Ludlow Weeks

Witley Camp
Oct 28 1917

Dear Mother:-

Well here it is another Sunday. The weeks certainly do go fast. I am getting very excited now. One of two fellows have got some mail and there is a lot of mail unasserted. I am expecting the mail that is addressed to "A" Battery first. Say, will you write and tell me all the things you get from me so that I can tell if anything went astray.

I certainly am putting on flesh. I was weighed yesterday and I weight 189 lbs. When we left Canada I weighed 178. I am going to send you some English newspapers sometime soon. I usually buy one a day.

I am O.K. for money now. we've been payed regularly and I don't spend much so I have £5 saved now. that is $25.00. I don't know whether to put it in the bank of get some work done on my teeth. I have a great chance having four afternoons a week off. Did I tell you that I get 25 shillings a month extra on this job. That is $6.25. So I get $39.25 per month now. Do you get the money regularly now and do you get the separation allowance.

I can get very nice little Christmas cards here with our cap-badge embossed on them. I am going to get some and send them to my friends Christmas. We have a new camp badge now. If you would like one, I could get and send you one easily.

I wish they would hurry up and get me a new uniform.

This one is worn out and too small and I am a perfect sight in it. But I am going to get a new one.

The other night who should I run into but James Butterworth and I found that he is here at the same camp. He has friends near here and he took me out to their home one evening. It was the first home I had been into for two months and I was great. They are very nice people. Jas. Wishes to be remembered to you Victor Craweis here too, I think I told you.

Do you remember reading in the paper that a Truro fellow Leslie Fleming was wounded some time ago. Well I met him today. He is at Bramshott.

I went to the Academy with him. He enlisted in the 193nd. He is from Folly Mountain.

Don't forget to send that photo of yourself that I was you to before I left.

I told a filmful of photos this afternoon.

I saw two "Morning Chronicles" yesterday and they certainly did look good.

I suppose the only advantage you would see in my new job is that I have to be clean all the time. I wash about 8 times a day on this job while if I was in the general squad twice would do.

Well must close for now. You must have my address by now so will not enclose it.


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