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Date: October 15th 1917
Ludlow Weeks

Witley Camp
Oct 15 1917

Dear Mother:-

Well I am back at camp again and have got my permanent address now. It is "E" Battery. You know the res. Iam to be in "E" Battery until I am 18 yrs 6 mos and then I am to take a signalers course and will be thru with that when Iam 19. I have a permanent job now. It is waiter at the officer's mess. I get great food to eat and don't have to work very hard but I have to work much longer than the rest of the fellows, but I have two afternoons a week off. Carl Dexter & Grant McKenzie are with me.

Now that you have my fixed address I wish you would send me something to eat now and then. And if you can get hold of any Truro papers, why I wish you would send them along.

Food over here is very different from in Canada. Nothing that you can buy contains sugar and one person can buy only so much at a time (usually very little). At the Y.MCA. one person can buy only 3 buns at a time. At the restaurants one cannot order more than 1s/6d worth at a meal.

Lat Saturday Morning we went all three the houses of Parliament and House of Lords and saw the old rooms in the Palace of Westminster I am sending you am illustrated Guide book I bot. In the afternoon we went to the Waxworks and they were truly wonderful. Grant McKenzie spoke to one of the figures in wax in dead earnest was surprised to get no reply. At the Waxworks we saw the robe in which Napoleon died and it was stained with his blood. We also saw the carriage he used at Waterloo.

What do you think of my writing paper I bought a pad tonight. Oh, by the way, U came home with £3 10, which is £3 10 more than I expected to come home with.

Well I will close for now will write again [?]

Lovingly Ludlow

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