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Date: October 10th 1917
Ludlow Weeks

State Normal
Nokthitorhes[?], Lo.
October 10, 1917

Dear old Ludlow,

This is the fourth letter I have written you-I sent the other letters to London. I wonder if you ever got them. Mother's card came yesterday telling me that she had heard from you so now I'm anxiously waiting for [?] from you-you surely have a long address-I can hardly get it in the envelope.-In case you don't get the other letters I wrote you I'm going to ask you a few questions to answer.
1. How can I send you money?
2. How long beforehand should I start your Xmas box? I suppose I can put in it anything in the way of eatables can I not as long as they won't spoil.
3. Is there anything I can get for you to make you more comfortable.
I do hope you are well and happy old bug-didn't you love the water. I was in the water six days once coming from New York to Jubvestin[?] and I certainly enjoyed it. Oh yes one more question. Would you like me to send you "The Saturday Evening post". I can have the publishers send directly to you if you think you will get it.

Tomorrow I'm going to Dallas, Texas to attend a mutiny of Y.W and Y.M.C.A people to see about raising money for war relief work. They want to raise thirty five million dollars-That is some money isn't it?

We had our first frost last night. The banana trees are killed. But not the roses. What kind of weather are you having.

What do you hear from Dorothy? Did Mother write you of Uncle Harry's death. Write Auntie a line dear. She would be so glad to hear from you.

Take care of yourself.

[?] of love- Sish

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