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Date: November 20th 1917
Ludlow Weeks

Witley Camp
Nov.20, 1917

Dear Mother:-

Well my address is changed again and is entirely different now. The organization of our unit has been entirely changed which causes it. My new address is.

#1258204 Gnr. L.J.Weeks.
"B" Battery
Reserve Brigade, C.F.A
Witley Camp, etc.

Another happening happened today. I was returned to duty and have left the Officers Mess. I expect it will be hard to eat the common rations now but they will be a lot better for me, I guess.

This is 3 days later.

I have just been on guard and on coming off, I found two letters from you Nov4 & Nov6. They were very old and had gone to France first.

I was very glad to get the clippings from the papers. I heard some time ago that Will Stevens was killed. I heard today that Bert Adams was killed. This mail I got was all old mail. I haven't got any fresh mail for 2 or 3 weeks.

I have just done 24 hour guard which wasn't too bad but I expect nothing but guards & pickets from now on until I start a course. They will not let me start training until I am of an age where in I will just about be fully trained when I attain the age of 19 yrs. Do you follow me. That means that when Iam trained I go without delay to France. But that isn't until next September. I'll have some snaps to send you soon I guess. Did you send the letter to Mrs.Colpitt. I have a whole new uniform now so am going to have a post-card photo taken.

Well will write again soon.

Lovingly Ludlow

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