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Date: November 14th 1917
Ludlow Weeks

Nov 14 1917

Dear Sis:-

Received your letter a couple of days ago. I forgot the date of it but it was the 5th on I think but the third that I have received. I don't know what is wrong with my mail. There is an English Canadian mail in now but I haven't got a letter yet. But lots of others are the same. And I think that my address is going to change again as they are making a new organization here. But you write to me "E" Battery just the same. I'll get it O.K. I guess.

Don't send a snap to Dorothy. If there isn't a picture don't send anything.

Please excuse the blot in this paper. I didn't notice it till just not.

The only fellow left of our Draft of the 10th Battery are the boys under 19. The rest are in France now or going soon. Some are in the trenches now. That's where I would be were it not for my age since I was on one draft for trench-mortars, but was taken off.

This is great writing isn't it but I can't help it. The pen is no good and I'm writing with the paper on a blanket.

How many men gone from Notihitoches[?] [?] are going think fast now in Canada I guess. Frank Reed has enlisted just in time, I guess.

Did you know Dorothy was teaching now at Greenfield. I've only got one letter from her so far but she seems to like it fine.

Herman Mahon has been in hospitals six weeks. I don't know what with. He was due to come [?] here on Sept 16 but couldn't on the account of that.

I have a book of Edinburgh & a lot of postcards that I got on my trip to send to you but I never seem to get started. I think I'll send the post cards to you one by one (2 dozen) since there is no postage. It would be cheaper than sending them in a parcel.

Well I must close now. Write soon.


"E" Battery
27 Bde. CR.A.
Witley Camp

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