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Date: November 11th 1917
Ludlow Weeks

Nov. 11, 1917

Dear Mother:-

Iam writing this letter in bed on Sunday night. Iam afraid a lot of your mail has gone astray although some more if it may turn up as time goes on. I have got 18 letters already and 6 were from you or Sis. I am expecting another Canadian mail in a couple days though.


I went to sleep while I was writing so this two days later. I am working late tonight but have tomorrow afternoon off. I expect to go to a dentist at Guildford. I was in to see one several days ago and I think he is a good one. I am going to get my teeth fixed good. I have saved £6 (about $30) but I don't think it will be nearly that much. After I have them fixed, since Iam to be here all summer, I am thinking of saving up and buying a 2nd hand bicycle. With a wheel I could go around the country on Sat. & Sunday afternoon. I don't expect one would cost very much and they are very easy to get rid of. Fellows are always wanting to buy them so I would have very nearly as much money again after I sold it. Write me and tell me what you think of it. Iam paid £3 a month regular pay and get £1 extra for working at the off. Mess. out of that I save can save about £2 10s or more perhaps.

There was a lot of your mail never reached me, I guess. I hope there was nothing important in it. But now that I have my fixed address I hope it will be O.K.

Did you ever get my letter about the snap shots of camp & so on. I wish you could send a couple if there is duplicates of them.

I don't think there is much chance of me going in the Med. Corps now. And the longer they leave it the older I get and thus the chances decrease.

Did I ever tell you that I was on a draft to go to France in the Trench-morters, but was taken off since I was not 19.

Ralph B. & I have good times together. When I have an evening off, I meet him and we go to the YMCA or Canada Hall to a concert of something. There are special "London Concet Parties" come to different YMCA huts once or twice a week and the other nights there is always something on. On Sunday afternoons when I am off, we going to Bible class at one of the huits. We are members now. On the whole, life isn't too bad here.

There is a Canadian mail in today. There was an American one yesterday and I got a letter from Sis. It was the first reply I have had from her.

Iam going to write Mrs.Wallace thanking her for the sacks. I have an awful lot of sacks now. In face I often wonder if I have room for them all.

Well I must close now. I never meant to go so long without writing. It is just a week since I wrote, but by the combination of the mails it will be way over a week since you got the last one, I think.


My address is "E" Battery
2nd Brigade, C.R.A
Witley Camp

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