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Date: November 8th 1918
Ludlow Weeks

France Nov.8 1918

Dear Mother:-

It is a long time since I've had a chance to write you but it is still longer since I've heard from you. I don't know where you are now at all. Have you left Mount Carmel yet and have you your plans settled for the winter. And Madge, I haven't heard from her since long before I left Blightly. But she is still in New York, isn't she.

Please excuse the writing if it is too rotten because I'm writing by candle-light in a dug-out and am writing in a position hardly productive of good writing.

Say, Mother, you will be able to be in Truro when the troops return to Canada, won't you. Truro is where I will be sent and I want you there to meet me. You could have a flat of some rooms or a house couldn't you? It may not be many months now and I certainly hope it isn't.

We are having rather rainy weather now and muddy also.

Grant McKenzie is with me now. He is the only Truro fellow although there are general Nova Scotians around.

Did you know Ralph B. had been wounded. There has been a lot of fellows from home wounded & killed lately. But I'm glad that Ralph got thru with nothing worse than wounds, although I don't know yet how serious they are.

Mother, I hope you don't worry about me, because I'm all right and perfectly well and show every inclination to continue that way.

Well I think I will have to close now. I may write some more before I mail it but may not get time.


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