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Date: November 5th 1917
Ludlow Weeks

Witley Camp.
Nov. 5, 1917

Dear Mother:-

I got three letters addressed to A.P.O London and 2 cards addressed to "D" Bty. Iam very glad that you are going to be settled at Auntie May's I think I must have lost all the letters between No 3& the cards.

They may turn up. I wish you would send me the negatives of those snaps which you sent in one letter. I lost a box here at the P.O. It came to "A" Battery but was lost track of. If you know where it came from please let me know. Iam enclosing two Xmas cards which I wish you would send to anybody that I usually send cards to in the United States. I'll send them myself to Canada people in Canada.

There is a rumor that all men under 19 years are to be transferred to the A. medical corps. The thought of it almost makes me sick. If I do go I almost think I'll try for infantry. Infantry isn't as bad as its painted. I've seen quite a lot of it here at Witley and a fellow taught the most in the Infantry. But I hope it is not true but I doubt it.

Iam enclosing a letter which I wrote to Mrs.Colpitt about 2 months ago but I cant think of her initial Will you fill in the initials and mail it to her.

The mail I got certainly did look good. I got one from Don Wilson, Herm Mahon and Cyril Elliot.

This letter is written in a hurry and is very short but I will write again in a few days when I get more time. Write me at "E" Battery Perhaps I had better give you my address.


1258204 Gnr L J Weeks
"E" Battery
Witley Camp
Surry, England

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