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Date: November 3rd 1917
Ludlow Jackson

Witley Camp
Nov.3 1917

Dear Sis:-

Today I received the first mail addressed to me-8 letters. It sure was good. Your 2 letters arrived O.K. They both went to France first.

I haven't got an awful lot to write about. At present Iam getting all I want to eat. I'll let you know as soon as I don't.

About what you said about promotion. There are two reasons why I can't get any. The first is that to be an officer one must be 21 years old and an N.C.O one must be 19 years old. 2nd. The only men here who can get promotions are casualties. That is men who have been wounded.

So if you'd like me to qualify in the latter qualification why, I'll try.

A third reason is that I'd much rather be a private or a gunner, as the case may be, than any officer in the army.

I sure would like to have the Sat. Evening Post. It would be great. That are sort of scarce over here and I always read all I can get hold of.

I got a letter today from Don Wilson, Herman Mahon & Cyril Elliot. As usual, Don told me all the news.

I got the photos from Mother today but she neglected to send the negatives so I can't have any printed. I suppose that means two months to write home and get them. They cameout very well tho. I wrote to mother not long ago asking her to send me some pictures of camp last summer. I'll sure be glad when I get a reply to some of my letters. A parcel came to me the other day but was lost here at the P.O. Hard luck wasn't it. Only wish I knew who it was from. Do you know.

Well must close now.


1288204 Snr. L.J.Weeks
"E" Battery, 2nd Brigade
Can. Reserve Artillery
Witley Camp

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