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Date: May 13th 1918
Ludlow Weeks

Witley Camp
May 13, 1918

Dear Mother:-

Today is Mothers day and I wish I could wear a flower but since it can't be did I'll try and write an extra long letter. Received your of April 21st today.

Last Wednesday I took the passing-out speed test for the school of Guns & qualified at 17 words per minute- and lead the class. In consequence of this Iam leaving next Saturday for Finny Stratford to take a four weeks course in wireless work. This means that I will be attached either to a siege battery or an observer in the R.F.C but there is next to no chance of the latter so I'll be a siege operator. I'll be able to put a badge on my arm consisting of two winders with lightning through them.

My [?] [?] for wireless too and doesn't to get it but another fellow had more "pull". & therefore got it! Charlie Frost is the name of the fellow I go round with most. He is from Sydney and a dandy fellow.

I never got that map you spoke of unless you mean one of the four of us which you sent me last September. I wrote you about that.

I shouldn't have paid that $1.00 to Dr.Kent as he was a Medical officer in uniform and he had to do everything necessary for me for nothing.

My foot is troubling me a little the nail is coming off where a horse tramped on it last winter but it will soon be O.K

I hear from Doug Watson now & then. He is with the 13th RCH but I think by now he has transferred to the 85th NSH[?].

I was out canoeing on the canal at Guildford yesterday. It's the second time that I have been out.

I hope nothing turns up between now & Saturday to prevent the wireless course but it is always uncertain until you are actually there. But I'll let you know next Sunday.

I saw Henry Dawson last week. He was looking fine.

Mother, would you cable me some money so that I would get it Tuesday, June 18. That will mean to send it about June 14 or thereabouts. I want it, some for my teeth and some to go on leave with. Don't send it before then because I don't get back from Stratford until the 16th. If you could send it I would like £3 or $15. But don't worry about me at all if you haven't it handy.

We were inspected by His Majesty not long ago. and then again by General Turner.
A few days ago on practice work I picked up a German official message on the wireless.

Well I must close now.


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