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Date: March 28th 1918
Ludlow Weeks

Witley Camp
March 28 1918

Dear Sis:-

Received your letter today and was sure glad to hear from you. I feel rather ashamed of myself for not writing for so long.

You seem to ask me in every letter whether I get the S.E.P. Well it seems to me that, I've answered it in every letter. I havent got one yet. I don't know what becomes of them. But it seems that I don't get any papers unless they come in envelopes as letters. The others are so numerous at the P.O. that I think they send them to the YMCA reading rooms or do something with them. It is a shame but they say it takes all the time for letters and parcels and papers are more numerous than both.

I wish you would include some cigarettes some time- any kind I guess, "Players" or "Mogul" anything except "Capstan". And if you send tobacco, just send "Velvet". But don't think I've gone crazy over it because I haven't. I don't smoke much at all. Mostly because I'm too broke most of the time.

You spoke of going to the theater and seeing Margaret Anglin. Well I saw Gaby Deslys in London. She is one of the most foremost actors of the time I guess. Say, if you ever hear of the "Better 'Ole" being played in America you ought to see it. It sure is good. It is written by Capt. Bruce Bairnsfather and shows the adventures of Old Bill. (you've heard about him in "Fragments from France" haven't you?)

I don't know where Ralph is. He went to Bramshott about a month ago and was put on draft for France. I haven't heard from him for a longtime so I guess he has gone.

I meant just what I said when we were with horses. We were, but we ain't now. I'm in the school of gunnery now, taking signalling I've passed tests on gunnery and musketry and have passed through 3 squads in signalling. I only have 5 more [?] and 3 weeks riding to do and then I will belong to Category A4-1 which is to say that I will be trained but under age. Next Sept I will be A1.

No, they don't ask soldiers to their homes around here unless you are known personally but you see it is different here. Soldiers aren't a novelty like they would be in New York.

In fact civilians are novelties over here. In fact there aren't any except old men cripples and kids.

I've been answering your letter straight from the beginning to the end and since I'm at the end now why I guess I'll stop since you did.


This is some fancy writing isn't it. But I can write worse than this so don't be alarmed.

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