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Date: March 26th 1919
Ludlow Weeks

March 26 1919

Dear Mother:-

Received yours of March 6 yesterday with the terrible news of Kathleen's death in it. My, I can hardly realize that she has gone. Mount Airie will not be the same place now. And Auntie Vide will be so lonely not having any girls at home at all. I hope you will be able to go and see her soon. on your way to Truro. By the way Mother I don't think you had better go to Halifax to meet me as I don't know what unit I will go home with. If the 3rd section is to be demob[?] in Hfx I will go with it but otherwise I will go with a battery which is demolished at Hfx.

Now I'd like to ask you about some money. There is a vague possibility that I may get 14 days leave from France and also a dead certainty of 8 days leave in England. Now my credit is at present $31.55 or just over six pounds. The rate on leave is about one pound her day so you see I havent got enough for my eight day leave let alone the other if I happen to get it. (which depends mostly on [?] strikes in England). As soon as you get this will you put some money to my credit in Lloyd's Bank, London, by cable so I can get it when I go on leave. That is unless you have sent some considerable sum in the meantime, to me here.If I get the 14 days leave, I will cable you but if I don't, I think you will get this in time to have it there by time of my leave. I don't want to ask for a definite amount but 5 or six pounds would be just the thing. As I intend to have some dentistry done too. If you do send it give the bank this address- #1258204 Gnr.LJ Weeks, 4.C.D.A.C, Canadians. And please send it to Lloyd's Bank. Not that I think anymore of it than any other but it is the only that I can remember just now in London and I want to know where it is going so I can go there and get it.

And please dont send it if you haven't it right there. The thing is that a leave is of no use at all to a soldier without money. And besides I want to get my uniform fixed up for going home.

I don't much expect the 14 days leave by if it does, I'll cable you from England.

I'll be able to pay it all back when I get to Canada for I get $120.00 gratuity when I get discharged.

Now to drop that subject Ive only have a few mules left now & only 1 wagon (for general service) All the rest have been turned over this week. The artillery of the 4th Division is going to go to England before the Infantry so will be home pretty soon, about the middle of May if not sooner.

I am going to write Auntie Vide right away.

Will close now



Please don't take the advice of any well-meaning bank clerks or cable-clerks but send it the way I have outlined as at present it is the only sure way of getting it for my leave.


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