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Date: March 26th 1918
Ludlow Weeks

Witley Surrey
March 24 1918

Dear Mother:-

Today I received your letter and card of March 3rd & 4th respectively. Sorry you didnt get any mail from for 8 weeks but I guess you got it all in the end.

My, but we have had almost a month of the most perfect weather you could imagine. The evenin nights are chilly and the days terribly hot but the evenings are simply beautiful. I've gone for a walk in the country every night for about 8 weeks now and it doesn't get dark until 8 o'clock. The inhabitants say tho that well suffer for this early summer later on. I just got back a few minutes ago from a walk out towards Haslemere and around Lord Perry's estate and back through Thursley and Witley. I saw a bunch of about fifty deer on his estate and more rabbits than you could count.

I just finished reading "The Girl of the Limberlost" today and am starting "Laddie". I don't know what Laddie is like but the "Girl of the L-" was great. I read most of my spare time except in the evening.

I just finished two weeks gunnery yesterday and I was sorry it ended because it was so interesting. The course included instruction in the making of barb wire entanglements. I suppose I go back to signaling tomorrow or else go on the ride.

Do you know that a walk in the country on a still summer night makes me more homesick than anything because I remember the good times I used to have two years ago on summer evenings. I've found that I only get that way when circumstances remind me of Canada. As long as I'm working in Camp where everything is so as different as can be from Canada, why it doesn't trouble me at all.

Since writing the last paragraph I just met a Truro fellow Frank Fisher who lives on Louise St. He has been 29 months in France.

I am enclosing two pictures I had take. I didn't like the first one so they took another and then gave me the old ones.


Original Scans

Original Scans