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Date: March 20th 1919
Ludlow Weeks

March 20 1919

Dear Mother:-

Received your parcel containing the suit of underwear and the wristlets. Thanks ever so much Mother. It was a dandy suit.

Today is raining and snowing and cold as the dickens. Yesterday was find, sunshining and sweltering hot. Such is Belgian weather. The "Peerless" climate of old N.S would be a very welcome change just now.

We had an inspection by the colonel this morning Our section got the 1st and 2nd prizes (80 francs & 60 francs) My team has departed so I only helped the others get theirs ready.

The date for going from here to Havre is 15th of April and it will take the division sometime to get completely across to England.

However I guess I'll make Canada about the middle of May.

Am enclosing a small photo of No 3 Section. In the base Iam sending two large photos. The O.C is the man with the dog in the front of him. It is taken on the steps of "Chateau May" of which I sent you a post card some time ago. It is not a very good photo.

Am also enclosing a snap that I forgot to send before.

You dont know yet what house you are going to get do you.

My address is always 4 Dac since we are going to England and to Canada as units. Even if it was is mark "France" on the letter & we are in England it will come to us. Well will have to close now Thanks for the underwear



Since writing the above I received yours written on March 1st with newspaper clippings.

I have not received the money yet. You said you didn't know whether to send money to me in France or wait until I was in England. Well I suppose you know as soon as we have reached England we go on leave money is no earthly[?] use as we get paid enough to keep going in camp.

I don't see why you think I never get your letter I don't think I have missed any yet, although some have been a long time coming. This is only the twentieth of March and I've had 14 letters this month. In Feb. I got 25 of your letters

Must close now


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