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Date: March 18th 1919
Ludlow Weeks

March 18 1919

Dear Mother:-

Received yours of Feb 21st last night & was glad to hear from you.

It was the first I had heard of Hermans return to Canada. He was in France but never got any further than the base since he was in the Engineers [?] there is not so much need of reinforcements in them as in the other units.

You have probably got a lot of letters before now asking for money for leave when we go to England. If you haven't it is too late, unless you cable it.

You will probably know when we are coming home in plenty of time. I expect it will be in May The 1st Division is down at Calais now waiting sailing orders for Blighty and the 2nd Division is around Namur all ready to go to the base. We are turning over our ammunition today, wago & limbers tomorrow and the rest of our animals Friday and will be about ready to go to the base in April. (I think the date is 19th)

I am on a twenty four hour guard starting tonight. It is on the dump where we take our ammunition

Just now my finances are in a wonderful state. I have just 24 centimes which is about 4 4/5 cents (Canadian) so I'm quite rich. The only reason I havent spent that is that they dont sell anything that cheap in this country. You see, I haven't gone on any pay parades since I was in Brussels so as to give my credit a chance to increase a but as I can have some money to go on leave with. But I've only got about $10 credit now, or two pounds and I guess on leave I could spend that in one day, perhaps. You see a fellow in the army gets reckless with money for he never has to worry about food clothes or lodging, and when you go on leave you usually see everything there is to see & go to everything there is to go to and eat all you can. I guess I'll have some queers habits to break when I get into "civvies" again.

Did I ever tell you to please spend about one (1) week prior to my arrival in nothing but cooking cakes, pies, etc. For I'm sure going to be hungry for Canadian cooking or a D.C.M as it is called (Decent Canadian Meal)

Well will close now


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