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Date: March 11th 1919
Ludlow Weeks

Burges Belguim
March 11 1919

Dear Mother:-

Got four letters from you a couple of days ago. I seem to be getting all my back mail now & my regular mail besides.

Did I ever tell you that I could be in the signal exchange if I had wanted to. I was sent down there but I tried hard to get back and have succeeded. It is only for a few months end I'd rather be back with the bunch I've been with right along.

I'm sending you the music of a song. It's a song that everybody seems to be singing or whistling & I've picked up the words & tune long ago but though I would send it home for fun.

I'm mailing a box of souvenirs soon. Included are my diary a couple Heinie caps and my wireless nots & a bit of machine gun belting. Am sending it registered I think so it will cost allot.

By the way I've never received the money you said you sent.

I took a film to Wavre to be developed and printed. They certainly made a mess of things as you can see. I'm going to keep the rest until I get to England or Canada. Will enclose some of the snaps.

I hope some money reaches me before. I get to England as I have very little credit left in my pay account and we are getting 8 days leave. I am also planning on getting some dentistry done white on leave.

The pipe in the box of souvenirs is a Belgian one and is more ornaments then useful. I got it for a souvenir since it only cost a franc and a quarter. (22 ½ ¢) (25¢)

Say do you know that the first week I'm home I'm going to make myself absolutely sick. In other words I'm going to eat everything in the house. So please have a big supply of civilized food on hand. This doesn't mean that we are not fed enough, but it is army cooking & army food which you probably know of.

I'm sorry that some of my diary is missing. I just found it out a few days ago as I've been bugging it and some of my other kit in an empty oat sack for some months.

The other little book is my letter accound for 1918. So you can see from it that I was not absolutely neglected by people in Canada.

My wireless notes are in the cloth cardboard small books I had started to copy them into the big book but had not finished The big book by the way is a german book that I got in one of their billets at Valenciens.

Well will close now.


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