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Date: March 2nd 1919
Ludlow Weeks

Wavre Belgium
Feb March 2 1919

Dear Sis:-

I've got 6 letters and a box from you all at once. Thanks ever so much for the socks and Chocolate. The socks were dandy. Did you knit them?

Your letters date from September to January. Sept 14, Sept 20, Oct 23, Nov 29, Nov 17, Jan 24.

We are to go back to England the middle of April and stay there about a month. That is the latest I don't know how true it is

You asked me about the wearing of chevrons and about the Canadians wearing them without being to France. They are awarded for service overseas in all cases, so in the British Army a man has to go to France to get them but a Canadian gets them for England also since that is overseas. You are allowed one initial chevron as soon as you have gone overseas and one for each year after. so I can wear two at present and this summer I can wear 3. Those who came overseas in 1914 can wear one red chevron as their initial chevron.

Did I write you about being to Brussels & Waterloo. I did didn't I and also sent you some cards from both places in the letter.

I got 24 letters at once the other night at the same time I got all yours they were all old letter. I owe umpteen now.

This afternoon I rode to Rixensart where the 85th Battalion is and saw some old school-mates.

The daylight saving scheme came into force today with the result that we've been playing quarts until after seven oclock.

I've been taken a lot of film snaps on a vest pocket Kodak that a pal of mine has. I don't know how they will come out. Films are awfully hard to get and cost over a dollar a piece so if you would mail me a couple I might get some good snaps.

Were you in Truro at all while you were in N.S.

Well I guess I'll have to close now.


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