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Date: July 30th 1918
Ludlow Weeks

Witley Camp
July 30

Dear Sis:-

Well I've mislaid your new address but I guess they'll forward this from Morningside Avenue Drive wont they.

When are you going back to Nathchitoches. I suppose you are glad you are going to miss the winter. I expect we'll be back this winter, or at any rate I think it will be all over, don't you? I won't be very sorry if it is, for Canada would look pretty nice to me now.

Yesterday we marched all day in marching order with a temperature of nearly 90º (thats a fact).

I've been trying sever since to get my clothes dry from the sweat. Even my web equipment was wet in places. But we had a dandy swim in the River Wye near Eashing on the way back, which was quite refreshing. I told you, didn't I about the march we had a bout a week ago when we went 22 miles with packs. (In the Siege we were Infantry packs & Rifles)

One of our officers here is a Lieut G. Dewitt & he is from Nova Scotia. Is he one of Dr.Dewitt's sons, I wonder I have half a mind to ask him some day if he is from Wolfville. Our adjutant is a Capt Bruce from Bible Hill, Truro, & another of our officers was 2nd in command of the 10th Battery, in Canada, but he didn't come over until lately.

I ran across Earl Weatherly, who used to work in Bentley's store. He works in the orderly room of the hospital here.

Well must close now.


Res. Battery C.G.A
Witley Camp

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