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Date: July 21st 1918
Ludlow Weeks

Witley Camp
July 21, 1918.

Dear Mother:-

Well it is Sunday again and a lovely day if it only wouldn't rain. But I hope to go to Church in Godalming tonight supposing I can get shaved and my outfit shined up before then. But in my present state of mind I doubt it (I've just finished one nap and feel very much like another.)

Received a letter from you a few days ago dated June 30th. It would be great if you and Mrs.Horrington could get together. I would like that best.

Did you get Ges Pien's letter. I gave him your address and he wrote you. I often go to the theatre with him and sit in the orchestra. It is nice to have a friend like that when your too broke to go there the ordinary way.

I am getting more done to my teeth now (at least if Iam not put in quarantine, which is quite [?] at present.) and would you mind if I wired for 2 pounds. We are paid Tuesday and I have very little credit so am expecting next to nothing. But if by luck I should get that amount I won't wire. But I do need it, you'll get the wire before you get this.

I had a letter from Herman in Amherst. He was on his way to England but I don't know whether he actually came or not. I hope he won't have to come as I don't what and English or French winter would do for him as he is not extra strong.

Ges Piens is looking great. France certainly did him good. A couple of weeks ago he said the war was going to last a few years longer but yesterday when I met him he says we'll all be back for Xmas this year. (this was after reading the war news of the big German defeat.) He doesn't think much of Dr.D for not coming before. If he is conscripted now he will have to go as rankes in the Infantry instead of an officer in the C.A.D.C. Mother do you know I would much prefer going across in the Infantry than in the Artillery. Especially as a signaller. George was a signaller in the infantry and some of the experiences he has had I'd like to be in the N.S Regiment with Ralph. Are your objections to the Infantry still as strong as they used to be.

If I was going to be here this winter I would start some classes in the Khaki College but there is no sense starting now since it doesn't get dark until 11 pm and when we have dark evening I don't expect to be here so whats the use. But I may have a try at them for Im known fellows to wait was long as 4 months after they were A1 before they were sent to France. I have only 7 weeks now till I'm A1.

Will close now. My address is on the heading.
Lovingly Ludlow

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