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Date: July 10th 1917
Mother and Sister
Ludlow Weeks

Fort Clarence
July 10, 17

Dear Mother & Sis:-

I got here all right and this is some place we are under canvas and soaking wet with no chance of drying in sight. I took the government boat yesterday and it went clear to the mouth of the harbor and on the way back it stopped here. I was so seasick by the time I got back that I didn't care whether I was alive or dead. It was quite impossible to write last night and nearly so tonight but I hope to lay in a stock of paper and ink soon. Please dont worry if you don't hear from me. Soon as it is pouring rain and I won't get to town tonight and may not for sometime as my great-coat is not here and I can't write until I get some paper.

Iam resting this sheet of paper on my knee and writing with an indelible pencil hence the bad writing.

Well I must close now.


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Original Scans