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Date: January 6th 1919
Ludlow Weeks

[?] Section
4 Dac

Wavre Belgium
Jan 6 1918

Dear Mother

Received your letter of Nov 3rd a few days ago but have been moving since then and have been unable to answer it until now. Mrs Patillo's letter was enclosed.

Our letters are not censored now so I suppose that means that we can say what we like. They started it today, although we've been able to state our location for some time

I wish you would send me some money now. [?] for I don't know what cities I may be next and have a chance to see. There is one very good way to send it. Go to a bank and buy some French notes, 5 Franc ones are handiest and send them to me c/e Army Post Office and register it. Don't put my D.A.C address and don't send cheques or money orders as it is absolutely impossible to cash them. If you can't get French money, Canadian dollar bill will do as they are good to be changed at the Y.M.C.A.

We are now about 24 km from Brussels & hope to be able to see the city before we leave here.

I don't know yet very much about when we will be back but we are on the road now, I think my candid opinion though is that will be back about July, judging by the speed of with which the army usually does things. Perhaps later.

The Belgium people are very good to your face. When the Germans were here they were the same to them. Just the same they try to get all they can out of us. But some are really decent

I wish you would send me a suit of flannel of light woolen underwear so that I can change and burn my old ones. And send another in a month or so after. I burnt my shirt today & am wearing two outer shirts instead.

Well will have to close now


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