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Date: January 1st 1919
Ludlow Weeks

#8 section
4 Dac

Perweg Belguim
Jan 1, 1919.

Dear Mother:-

Well this is New Years day at last. I wonder where you are & what you are doing today. We have a holiday today except to our "mokes".

Am still about 10 miles from [?] Don't expect to be here very long though [?] can't say for sure.

We got some very good news this morning we were told that the 4th division stood well in the way to be the second division sent back to Canada. Gee but I hope so. I had almost given up hope of her being anything but the last to return. I don't know for sure but we were told we would probably be the second to return.

Did you get the German cards I sent you. I don't like to send any of my other souvenirs back until I get to England. I've been thinking of getting a wooden shoes like they wear in this country, and taking them back but they are clumsy to carry.

Gee but I wish I hasn't lost my camera for we are allowed to use them over here now.

Am enclosing seven post-cards that I bought in Namut when I went there on pass.

Will have to close now.


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