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Date: January 13th 1919
Ludlow Weeks

Burges near Wane
Jan 13, 1918

Dear Mother:-
Well were still here & show all signs of staying here, - I don't know how long. Of course the air is about as full of rumours as the sea is of fish. The wisest thing is to pay no attention to them. The latest that I heard tonight is that we are to stay here till September ad are to be issued dress uniforms - red coast its. That is just an example. Of course there is nothing in it but it shows what rumours we have.
We had a banquet in our Chateau last night. It was a decent meal really. It was instituted to take the place of the fizzle we had for Xmas.
We've walked to Wa[?] 3 times in the last week. It's about 30[?] kilometers. I haven't got my Bruselles leave yet. I wouldn't be surprised if I never get it, the efficient way of they have of running things in the army.
I wish I would get a bit of my mail. It is nearly time. I was getting your mail addressed here. Did you address any mail to me in the 4th O.A.C. when I was in it in September before I went on the [?] course. I think I wrote you [?] while I was up the line. Or perhaps it was two.
Did I ever tell you that I have a German General Official sword as a souvenir of Valen[?] I got it in a German [?]. Don't be surprised if I don't manage to get it home as it is very clumsy to carry but I'm going to try mighty hard. Also I've got several other souvenirs including a bit of shrapnel off a bomb that came about as close to me as I ever want anything to come - just missed my tin hat in fact.
I'm enclosing a post card Ware & two of Burges. I'm writing on the back of the Burges cards what their significance is.
Wish you'd send me a suit of medium underwear some time. Also a pipe. A pipe like this [sketch] not like this [sketch]. Also if you can a tine of Edgeworth Tobacco.
I don't know where they have winter in this country. Here it is January and it hasn't been any colder than in September home. Perhaps the worst is yet to come, though, for the people all insist that they have snow during the winter.
This afternoon I rode with another fellow bareback to the YMCA, 5 miles. They didn't have anything as usual But I am slightly sore just now for ten miles trotting without saddles is no joke. I was just too lazy to put my saddle on. I have two new mules now & neither of them are very amiable to say the least. Yesterday I had one of them out bareback and be bucked for nearly 10 minutes before he would proceed. Oh yes they are lovely dears, no mistake.
I haven't heard from Madge lately. How is Auntie. I do hope so much that she got better but Madge didn't seem to think so very much when she wrote last.
I do hope you can find a place in [?] and be there when I get back. I am officially registered as going to be discharged in Truro so that is where I'll go first thing.
Well I've written an awful lot but I haven't said much of any account so I'll stop before I waste any more paper.

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