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Date: February 27th 1918
Ludlow Weeks

Feb.27 1918

Dear Mother:-

Your letter of the 5th [?] came tonight and a card from you last night.

I saw about Frank Hanson's death quite a while ago in one of the News you sent me. I have also seen Frank Reids' letter altho' it was not yours- one of the fellows had one. It is the laughing streak of the Truro fellows here. He certainly didn't didn't miss any chances to impress on his readers how wonderfully cool he was while in flight, did he.

It seems to be just my luck to miss everything doesn't it? While I was in Canada they have rain & slush all winter and no snow at all, but as soon as I get over here, they have simply glorious weather, to judge from the accounts I have heard, with all the snow-shoeing, coasting and skating one could wish for and lovely cold weather.

No I haven't got any horses just now but I will have to take the 3 weeks ride soon, I guess and I guess it is a terror. Here is an example. Without any stirrups to fold one's arms and bend the body back parallel with the ground while the horse is galloping over 5 ft hurdles

But I have always wanted to be able to ride so if it will teach me I dont care what it is like. Iam taking my musketry now and am learning to shoot straight and fast Today I got six shots into the target in 30 seconds, which is fairly good. We go to the Mitchett ranges to shoot our final tests Friday.

I did not get any box from Aunt Sophie, but please thank her for me just the same.

I heard about the Sep. allowance being increased and am to hear about it. If you could get along on $43.00 per month without working I wish you would do it.

You seem to think I have formed a life long habit of smoking while as a matter of fact I have smoked only one or twice in the last two weeks. I broke my pipe and hadn't the money for another which may explain it.

The 20 yr limit hasnt come into force yet. I suppose it will just be my luck for it come into force just before Iam 19. I told you didn't I that I had been put on a signalling course. It is about four months long. You say I am going my bit here. That is just where you make a mistake. Over here it is not the same as in Canada where anyone in uniform is said to be doing their bit. Here no one is looked upon as having done a thing until they have been "over ther".

The next holidays I will get will be a four-days pass (perhaps) just before I leave for France.

Charlie Armstrong is in France. Carl Dexter is doing fatigues. Wallace McKay is waiting til he is 19 to go across. Witter Archibald is training. Grant McKinze is in Hospital. Ewart Fulton has been wounded He went over in November. Wendle Moore and John Gasper have been 5 months "out there". I heard that seven of the 10th fellows have been wounded and some killed. One got a "blighty" and is going back to Canada. There was a Memo that one fellow lost an arm.

Lieut Archibald went across in a trench-mortar draft not long ago.

I have some snaps to send you but they are up at my hut so I can't send them tonight but will next letter. They were a very long time getting done. The hut is about ¾ mile away or I go farther

Ralph has gone to Bramshott and will probably be there a week or so before going over to France. I sure will miss him here. I may walk down some Sunday afternoon and see him before he goes.

I got a box from Mildred & Marjorie Colpitt some time ago.

Well I must close now.

Your loving son

When you write again put Sig. instead of [?] on the address.

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