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Date: February 23rd 1919
Ludlow Weeks

Bierges Belguim
Feb 23, 1919

Dear Mother:-

It is quite a while since I have written so I guess it is time I am getting busy.

I was in Brussels a few days ago and I certainly did have a good time. Some of the places I saw were the Palace of Justice, the Kings Palace, the Museum of fine Arts, the Town Hall, the National bank, the Cathedral of St.Gudule.

The first night we went to a grand Opera at the Theatre Royal. It was "Manon" and was good. Then we went to an Estaminet and had something to eat which cost a lot. The next afternoon we went to a classy roller skate rink and had a pleasant there for a while. That evening we went to a play at the Palais d' Été. Then went to an "eating-house" again. Got to bed about 1.30 am. We stayed at the Hotel Cosmopolite, the biggest one in Brussels. We were up there nearly 3 days and I had 150 franco or $30.00 I only spent $20.00.

Am enclosing some cards of the places I saw while there.

Today was on a long ride.

I haven't been to Waterloo yet and its just touch and go if I ever there because once we start to turn over our mules I love the chance to go.

When we get to England we only have 5 days leave which is very short. Did you send some money by registered mail. I forgot to say if you cannot get French currency, Canadian bills are good as we can get them changed at any YMCA. but it is impossible to change a money order of postal note here.

Did you ever read "T.Timbaron" I'm reading it now.

Iam taking some snap-shots now days. It is not my camera but I have borrowed a pal's. I nearly bought one in Brussels for 70 franc but didn't.

Well will close now


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Original Scans