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Date: February 8th 1919
Ludlow Weeks

Warre Belgium
Feb 8, 1919

Dear Mother:-

I've received 3 bunches of papers, a Ladies Home Journal and a letter in the last couple of days. They sure were welcome believe me.

We are having a touch of winter with several inches of snow & temperatures anywhere from Zero to 15 below. There are no thermeters here so it is only guesswork.

Last Sunday I was coasting with another fellow on an improvised toboggan and it worked fine, too.

The latest news [?] demolishization is that the fourth division is to be the last to leave France. Out General told us that we would leave France the 1st of May. That means anytime frome June to July.

When you see 4th Div. fellows going thru Truro you can begin to expect me. You will be able to tell them by a green rectangle on the sleeve below the shoulder. The 1st 2nd & 3rd div weare rectangles also, red, blue, & grey respectively.

At present I carry a cushion around with me and sit on it since this morning some fellow enticed me onto a branchs-mate[?] & I had some time for about 15 minutes.

I'm enclosing a Record.

Will you send some money immediately on getting this Sent it in French bank notes to me [?] of Army Post Office registered. I may get a leave soon and I have no credit in my pay account so if I cant produce some money it will be cancelled.

Charlie Armstrong is with the 1st Heavies. Wit Archilbald is with the 5th Siege. Grant McKenie & Wallace McKay is with the 6th Siege. Carl Dexter is with the 15th Bty .C.F.A. He is first division.

I wish you would mail me some such a magazine as "Forest & Stream" or some outdoor magazine. And did you ever send any underwear.

Gee but I'll be glad to get into a suit of "Civvies" again. Ill be about 2 years service before I get back I get back I guess. I can wear a stripe for that.

Have you any of my "civvie" suits left. If so you might have them ready as I'm going to have onto khaki very long after I get back.
Well will close now

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