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Date: December 21st 1917
Ludlow Weeks

Dec 21, 1917.

Dear Sish:-

Received your letter today dated Sept 16, or therabouts. It was to France two or three times. It was the first I had heard of Uncle Harry's death. I wrote Ralph today How did Aunten[?] fare in the Halifax explosion. I wish you would send us some details of it. We don't know any more over here than that there was a muntion ship blew up and destroyed the buildings of Richmond.

Have you been getting my mail regularly. I have been writing regularly.

I guess from the latest, I can't go to France until I am so., which is rotten news It means the Army Medical Corps. I wish, if they are going to change me, they would put me in the Infantry. Mother does not like the Infantry but then all she has ever seen of it is the 106th at Truro. The Infantry it the branch in which a fellow has to coork[?] the hardest byt gets the squarest show and gets a more all-round training that in any other branch. But I may not be transferred at all. But anyway there is no one licking and I guess I can stand anything they put me at. Your friend in the US. army, Bernard--, will go straight to American corps in France I guess I don't think they will come to England at all.

I am going on guard in a few hours I have been on guard steadily for 3 weeks now.

We due to have a big feed Xmas here. You ought to see the menu. It is stupendous But I guess I am capable of putting myself outside of my portion all right.

Did you send the photo to Dorothy. Did you get my letter asking you to just send the photo and if you didn't have one, not to send anything.

Iam enclosing a snap It isn't very clear but you can recognize them can't you?

It is cold and with about an inch of snow here. I was for a walk to Witley and Hasldmere Wednesday afternoon and it was a beautiful day.

Well I must close and get ready for guard now.

Ludlow [?] Weeks

P.S. some signature isn't it? LW

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