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Date: December 18th 1917
Ludlow Weeks

Witley Camp
Dec 1819 7

Dear Mother:-

Received yesterday your letter dated Nov 26 and marked "No 3 to [?] Batty" I think that I have got all you back mail by now for at times I have got mail from you two months old. The negatives I wanted were the negatives of the film you got in Halifax the night we sailed. But if you have not mailed them, don't bother as I don't think I want them.

The change into the Army Medical corps did not take place but it may happen now if they raise the age limit to 20 as there is some talk of their doing. I hope this is not true as one and 9 mon would be almost unbearable to have to spend it here. If the change takes place I would probably be put in the A.M.C in which ones duties are scrubbing hospitals and acting as orderlies in the wards. And I would probably not go to France. Over here non-combatants are looked down upon just as much if not more than slackers are at home. But I hope it may not happen.

Do you remember the Rev. McNeil that boarded with us in the Crowe House. Well his son is our bombardier. He came over with the first contigent. He heard me speaking [?] and asked me if we lived in the Crowe H

Did you know Mas Peel was home. He has no right shoulder blade and no bone in his arm for 4 inches. Everything is metal. His foot is badly hurt and he was gassed. Otherwise he is O.K. I'd give anything to be thru what he has and so would about everybody who hasn't been there.

Iam getting mail O.K. now I have got a letter everday for a week now but that is just Xmas mail. I haven't got any addressed to "B" Battery yet but I expect it will soon come.

The Truro boys I came over with are widely scattered. Out of the 11 that came, 3 are in the trenches, 3 are in "B" Battery doing fatigues and the rest (5) are in the School of Gunnery taking signalling.

I don't mind guards now at all but I certainly am getting enough of them. That muffler certainly is the only thing for them. If I get every box I have been told about I certainly will get a have a feed Christmas for I have been told of about 12 on the way.

Well I must close this not as I am guard now and go on sentry in a few moments but will write very soon.


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