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Date: December 14th 1918
Ludlow Weeks

Dec 14, 1918

Dear Mother

It is a long time since I've heard form you but I hope to hear sometime soon. I don't know what your new address is since the last letter was written the first of October. I have had some mail since then but none from you or Madge.

I Am not at [?] now. Am near[?] Namut. Were six days on the road & pouring rain all the time. Very pleasant. However were here now & I'm going to try & get dried out.

Its only about a week from Xmasnow. Oh how I'd like to be home for this xmas. But I hope to be back alright for next Xmas. Are you going to meet in Truro when I do go back

Dec 18 The last two nights the people have given us beds to sleep in and they are so soft that I couldn't sleep well at all. I guess I was so used to other means of sleeping beside on a bed.

Am enclosing a postcard I got at a village a few days ago.

Well this is very short but will try and write again soon.


4 [?] C.F.A

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