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Date: December 14th 1917
Ludlow Weeks

Witley Surrey
Dec14 1917

Dear Mother:-

I am an awful long time in writing I know, but if you only knew how busy I've been the last two weeks, you'd be surprised to hear from me at all. The fact is, in the last 2 weeks I've done 8 guards and four picquets. Iam on guard now but only for 12 hours. For about six days I didn't have a stitch of clothes off and everything was soaked through. But it doesn't seem to hurt me at all.

All our battery is over here now. Major Slater, Cpt Palmer and Lieut Archibald are here. Even Mr.Archibald said I was looking ver fat, so I guess I must be although I certainly have been doing things lately, calculated to thin anybody.


Your box has come and everything in it was just what I wanted and I can't tell you how glad I was to get it. The colgate kit was especially good as my toilet kit was beginning to be somewhat deficient. Thanks, Mother dear for everything in it.

Iam going send my diary home next January when I will start the one you sent me. I gave Ralph the notebook and he said it was just what he wanted.

I got a letter from Herman and one from Jean Walker today. Herman is in the hospital again. The cause is an ingrowing toe-nail. Hard luck isnt it.

Iam as bald now as an orange. We all have to have "Reginmental" hair cuts now which means running the clippers all over. We are just inspected when we are on guard so when I get on course, I am going to try and brush it a pompadore- or in other words-brush it backwards.

Iam getting some photos. They will be done next week but will send one as soon Gee[?], but a lot of people have told me they were sending boxes but only 3 have arrived- yours, Aunt Annies and Kathleens.

I found a Dr.Weekly news in the YMCA here today. Had a notice of Hugh Blackmore's death in it and the very good news that thru the efforts of Major Legallais, the Truro boys at Witley would be remember by the town, this Xmas.

Well Mother dear I must close now.


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