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Date: August 28th 1918
Ludlow Weeks

August 28, 1918

Dear Mother:-

Received yours of July Aug 6 today. It was the reply to mine of July 21, which is the quickest yet. You seemed puzzled by what the G meant in C.G.A since I was in the Siege. Well don't you remember when I was in the 10th Siege Bty. I wore C.G.A on my shoulder straps. It stands for Canadian Garrison Artillery.

I didn't get into quarantine was the fellow has tonilitis instead of mumps.

Did you only get two bunches of snaps. I think I sent three, but I might have send one to sis, I dont know.

I had a letter from Herman. He is at Aldershot about 14 miles from here and is in segregation-just like we were when we first cameover. He will then go Seaford. I hope to see him sometime soon.

It is raining hard today. I finished my teeth yesterday. They were was good as he could do considering the difficulty I had in getting down. I wish I had a chance to get one or two permanently done but it can't be done I guess until I'm in civvies again.

I had a letter from Dorothy today She has been taking Rural Science and at time of writing was engaged in "bug-chasing", like we used to see them in the summertime a couple of years ago.

I haven't had much Canadian mail lately. It has mostly been English and American.

I hope you soon get settler for the winter. Perhaps you will know by your next letter just what your plans are.

I tried to get on the Siberian Expedition but didn't. I don't know why it appealed to me, I suppose it was out of the ordinary, and there was a chance of passing thru Canada en route.

I must close now.


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