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Date: August 14th 1918
Ludlow Weeks

Witley Camp
August14, 1918

Dear Mother:-

Received yours of July 25 today and was so glad to know you were getting my letters again It was the first letter, I've had to my new address.

You asked me what W/T meant well it stands for wireless telegraphist.

I guess there is going to be a delay about my going to France all right for one of my toes is troubling me at present by that special means known to the medical profession as "Ingrowing nail". I may have to go to Bramshott hospital but hope not There is a new nail growing in and it is not growing right. I hope it pass by without any trouble, though.

Did you ever get the book of views from Wales & the little souvenir from Scotland. I purchased the latter in a curiousity shop which is located on the ground floor of John Knox's house.

I wasn't in Swansen at all. while I was in Wales.

I don't know where to go when I get another leave but it will either be Scotland or Devonshire. If I could I would get a past to Ireland but they are very hard to get.

You asked me what Charlie Adams was going. Well he is going to school at present. His home is at Moseley, one of the prettiest suburbs of Birmingham and his father is in business in the city.

You asked me what my work was now. Well here is an idea. Morning- one horse physical drill and the remainder of the morning devoted to rifle drill or gas drill. Afternoon, either foot drill or a 15 mile route march with equipment on. Well I've got to that happy stage where you don't go on parade anymore then you have to, so I find excuses galore to keep off them & so have a fairly decent time. But it may not last for long

Had a letter from Charlie Frost today, too. He likes it out there pretty well & wants me to go my best to get into this battery. I am going to do my best to get into the Field Art but I don't see much hope of it. If I don't I wish you would let me transfer to the Infantry. If you know how much a squares deal you get in the Infantry you would and then are less casualties in Inf. according to numbers than Art. so theres no reason that way.

However just as you say. Must close now.


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