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Date: April 29th 1918
Ludlow Weeks

Witley N.S
April 29, 1918

Dear Sis:-

Received tonight a letter of yours dated April 8 or thereabouts and so will make an attempt at a reply. In the first place don't be alarmed at any queer shapes my writing takes as Iam not used to writing on line-less paper.

What part of Surrey does Mr.Lowen come from. I know Surrey pretty well now and perhaps I know the place in which he resided.

I've got about 3 Sat Eng Posts so far they all came at once and about 2 weeks ago.

A few nights ago I enjoyed myself with what they call in Canada enjoying yourself but over here it is called "poaching" In other words I was rabbit-chasing and it was good fun too. Did I tell you I got ordered out of Lord Perry's estate a few months ago by an indignant gamekeeper. It is almost too good to be be True to get in the woods again and the face that your not supposed to be there only makes it more interesting.

You spoke of Archer Chute. Well his brother Austin Chute is here at Witley. He came across about 2 weeks ago. He enlisted about 2 weeks before the first draft was called up.

You speak of airships as uncommon Well I don't know about airships but aeroplanes are so common that nobody lift their head to at one. There is usually one or more in hearing distance all the time. I was in one a few weeks ago.

I can wear my signaller badge now if I was to. It is two crossed flags on the left arm I am on my "gas" course now. It is easy but not very pleasant. We have to put the box respirator on in 6 seconds and wednesday go for a 2 hour route march wearing the thing with a rubber tube half way down your throat. Then we have to go through a chamber of real gas to see if it leaks. (The real reason is go give one confidence in gas.)

Remember your promise about the pies. I'm going to hold you to it and keep the letter for proof. And believe me the number that I want will be no small number.

You asked about Dot. She is still teaching at Greenfield. I've got a snap of her school and children.

Well I must close for now.


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