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Date: April 28th 1918
Ludlow Weeks

Witley Surrey
April 28 1918

Dear Mother:-

I received two letters from you today one dated Easter and the other April 6. Was glad to hear that you & Madge were together on Easter Day.

Do you remember Austin Chute. Well he is here at Witley. he came over in the 10th Siege Bty about a week ago. I was just speaking to him about 5 minutes ago.

I got a big box of eats the day before yesterday from Margorie Colpitt. That is the second I have got from her. It is awfully good of her to send it.

I don't know what has happened lately but I just can't write letters. I owe an awful lot. In the winder there was the whole evening dark but now it doesn't get dark until 9.30 or 9.45 P.M and the evenings are so lovely that I can't stay in the "Y", so I go for a walk. I've collected a lot of wild flowers and pressed them. and now am going to send them to a school-teacher in Canada. The other night I explored a big piece of woods near here and got chased by a big swan when I went too near its next. I'd give anything for a chance to take my shotgun and go off for a hike where I wouldn't get arrested if I fired it.

Do you think the war will be over this year. I have a feeling that it is going to be over soon and I am almost sure if the age is raised to 20 that I'll never get across there in England boys are called up at 18 and send to France at 18 ½ . And if you see a middle aged civilian you know that he is a returned man.

I am in No 7 squad now. (there are only 8 squads) and I can wear crossed flags on my arm now if I want to. If I am given the riding course it will extend my course 3 weeks and If I dont get it they will send me to the Siege artillery. It looks as if I weren't to get it but I may get it.

I will have been in the army a year when you get this I suppose (on the 25th of May.) Another year and I can put up one good conduct stripe. The 5th of September I can put up two blue stripes on my right arm. The first one is awarded to every man who leaves Canada and one additional one for every 12 months service out of Canada so I can have 2.

I am going to send you a set of crossed flags badge to keep for me since the ones over here are a lot better than the ones in Canada and I will be able to wear them on my uniform when I go back.

Well I had better close now. Hope this letter isn't too long.


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