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Date: April 14th 1918

Whitley Camp
April 14 1918

Dear Mother

Received your rather brief epistle of March 24 today. So glad to hear you are having beautiful weather. It seems that you & I never have it at the same time do we? For today is the coldest bleakest day we've had for ages.

So glad that you and Madge can be together Easter. I wish I could be with you. We had a fine Easter here as far as memory goes. I received your Easter card and the snaps a few days ago. Thanks for them at your suggestion I am returning the snaps in this letter.

Walter Archibald went to France two weeks ago tomorrow morning. Ralph is out there now and has been gone for about 3 months. Carl Dexter has a permanent position in the officers quarters which he got not long ago and has not yet started training. You asked what I thought of Frank's letter. Well he seemed to think a lot of his own ability as a flyer. I suppose were he to meet me over here he wouldn't speak to me since he is an officer.

No the air raids have not yet come down here, but a number of our fellows have been wounded in air raids over here.

I hope to get another pass before going to France and hope to go to the Highlands if possible. I saw quite a bit of London & Edinburgh last trip so am hoping to see the country of Scotland. Scotland is heaps prettier than England tho England is very quaint.

Well I must close now.

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Original Scans