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Date: April 14th 1918

Whitley Camp
April 14 1918

Dear Sis,

Received your nice long intelligent letter of Mar 23 today and was very glad to see that you have taken up letter writing as a pastime again. One day last week I got 14 letters all at once and since then I've got three boxes. I got two Sat Eng [?] a couple of nights ago, the first ones to arrive on the scene. I guess the fault isn't so much with the Curtis Pub Co as with the P.O. officials who seem to have a great antipathy to newspapers and the like.

You asked me what I weighed well I weighed myself on purpose and it cost one penny (1d) so please remit by return mail. The weight indicated was 196 pounds without spurs bandoliers or other unnecessary equipment of course the fact that I was wearing Kitchener boots pretty nearly broke the scales so you can deduct about 75 pounds for them.

We don't have anything instead of ice cream & sodas. We have some kind of fruit juice & water that goes by the name of "pop" but it it wasn't for the label you'd never recognize it.

You've asked me in 23 different consecutive letters if I read "over the top" by Empey and you quite an extraction in each. I think all I will have to do is hunt up your back letters, put them all together and I'll have it.

Herman is still in Canada. Ralph is in France. You asked me what Ralph was doing with a kilt on. Well that is what his battalion wears. You see his battalion is (or was, for it has been broken up since) one of the Nova Scotia Highland Brigade.

I am in No 5 Squad in Signally. I have only 3 more to go. I have taken musketry & gunnery & still have gas and riding.

I walked to Bramshott last Sunday and saw some [?] fellows but you wouldnt know them.

We work now from 515 am to 5:45 pm which constitute our summer hour.

Well I am seriously thinking of stopping now and bringing this epistle to a close. If you are perfectly agreeable I will do so.


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