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Date: April 7th 1918
Ludlow Weeks

Witley Surrey
April 7, 1918

Dear Mother:-

Your box of sugar has just arrove and believe me it sure was great. Thanks ever so much Mother dear for sending it to me. It certainly is great over here where we don't see any let alone have any.

Today I got up at 20 minutes to the ten. It was Sunday and I skipped moeille[?] parade This afternoon I walked to Bramshott. Ralph B. has gone to France. I saw some Tourd[?] fellows. Did you know of Leslie Flemming who went to the academy. He used to get all the prizes in my class. Well I saw him. He is going back to France tonight. He has been wounded once. I also saw Gordon Chambers and a Crowell fellow that I used to sit with in school and a Chapman boy. On the way back we saw Hendhead one of the bleakest and most beautiful parts of England. The Devils punch bowl is a big bowl-shaped cup about a mile across the top and about 2000 feet deep. Nearly is an old gibbet which they used to hand people on and a stone erected to the memory of a man murdered there so you see it is no place for a nervous fellow after dark. On the way back we took a short cut and got lost on the moor and it was pouring rain all the time. In spite of my slicker I was pretty well soaked but I got back here at 9:00 PM. (It is now about 10.15 pm)

Last night I walked about ten miles and today we went about 18 altogether.

Say mother I am just thinking when I want to out to camp some night went I get back the old arguments won't carry much strength viz[?] "that you'll catch your death of cold" or "you'll be too tired when you get there" or "you can't stand it". Every rainy day I always get pretty well soaked but I never catch any cold.

Well I must close now will write again soon Thanks again for the box

with love

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