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Date: April 3rd 1918
Ludlow Weeks

April 3 1918

Dear Mother:

I have been so very busy lately that I havent written for quite a while Last Sunday I was on Misquet[?] and so I didnt get a chance to write at all.

Am still at signalling and expect to go into No [?] squad tomorrow. I dont know whether I will have the riding course or not. Tuesday I was on a battery mobolization. They mobolized two batterys "X"+"Y" battery complete in every detail and I was a signaller. I had an awfully nice horse but if you'd seen the truck I had strapped on all over me and my horse you'd think I was an antique shop on horseback. Here is what the horse and myself had. Greatcoat, blankets, haversack,watterbottle,meso-tin, gas-resperator, tin helmet, bandoler[?]+ ammunition, rifle, telephonits harness with a buzzer phone set and a coil of wire and a long steel pin on my leg for making contacts in the ground. Enough wasnt it. But it was good fun and we went for a route march afterwards they have one of those affairs periodically.

Nearly every fellow I knew went to France last week and for a while I felt deuced lonesome. Out of 32 in our hut only 9 are left and it's the same everywhere. Men who are only half-through their training and some with no training at all. Witter Archibald went and his brother. Oh if I only was 19. I'd give anything to be.

Well it is getting late So I must close.

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