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Date: August 2nd 1918
Ludlow Weeks

NOTE: This is full contents of incomplete letter also dated August 2, 1918.

Reserve Battery C.G.A
Witley Aug 2 1918

Dear Mother:-

Received your letter today addressed to St.Martin's Fenny Stratford. Whatever made you address it there. I thought that you understood that whenever I don't put a new address in, why, mail is to go to the old one & when I do put one in, I put it in every letter until I get a reply to that address.

I don't know just why you wrote Mr.Mutchmore about my mail for two reasons. (1) he couldn't do anything anyway on account of red tape (2) he went to France about 4 months ago, anyway it was awfully good of you to think of it, Mother.

You asked me where the other Canadians came from. Well one was from Vancouver, one from Toronto, one from Stellarton, one from Montreal & myself from Truro. There were no Truro fellows with me although Wallace McKay took the same course about a month before I did and he is in the Res. Batt. with me.

Every letter I get asks so many questions about Fenny Stratford. I was only attached there for four weeks to the Royal Engineers & had the time of my life while I was ther. Everybody there was good to the Canadians because there were so few of them in which particular it differed decidedly from Witley. I wouldnt mind going back for another course & would if I could work it because it is such a nice little place with a quiet bunch of soldier instead of a camp like Witley where you see nothing but khaki within a radius of 10 miles. I cycled to a town, Stony Stratford, on a half holiday & I was the only soldier in town with the exception of the fellow with me so you can see how agreeable it was after Witley Camp while we were working up thee we used to listen to Offical German Press messages from Berlin & other places. I used to translate the most of them with the German I learned at school & it was good fun to hear what they thought of us. I wished we could of picked up an American Station but we only had the field wireless set so they couldnt reach that far.

Wireless is awfully interesting & were I to be at Witley this winter I would take the course at the Khaki College in "Theory of Wireless"

When the war is over, believe me, my wireless set is going to be rigged up again, only its going to work this time for after the traibing we had I guess I could make a set work if a dump cart ran over it. That is, if I don't forget it all before I get back.

Did You ever hear me mention Charlie Frost, a Sydney boy who was my chum here at Witley, well he is with the 20th Battery now. I only hope I can get to that battery or at least to his division.
Will have to close now.

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