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Date: August 2nd 1918
Ludlow Weeks

Reserve Battery C.G.A
Witley Aug 2 1918

Dear Mother:-

NOTE: This letter is in collection and shown as April 2, 1918. Date on letter is August 2, 1918. It is the first part of the full letter. END OF NOTE.

Received your letter today addressed to St.Martin's Funny Stratford. Whatever made you address it there. I thought that you understood that whenever I don't put a new address in, why, mail is to go to the old one & when I do put one in, I put it in every letter until I get a reply to that address.

I don't know just why you wrote Mr.Mutchmore about my mail for two reasons. (1) he couldn't do anything anyway on account of red tape (2) he went to France about 4 months ago,

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